Congratulations on your purchase of the IteraHertz Device!

Important: You will get 3 emails that you need to watch out for and these emails maybe in the promotions tab or in spam. It is really important that you find these emails.

1-Wellness Solutions- your receipt (If you ordered with Utah Stocklist)

2-Prife International/INetwork- You username –How to contact the company

3-Global Quantum Health –your training information,updates,information and updates




 Your Username: Your username will be in an email from Prife International/INetwork

To Log into your account go to:

Your Password: 123456   
If you need assistance you will need to provide your password. Please keep your username and password in a safe place.


ITeracare has a website with all the information that you need to know about your ITeraCare Device and training. Please sign up for the emails at


ITeracare & Building Training Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:00 pm CST

Zoom Link:  Password 1111


Need to Contact the company?

1-    or

2-  customer service in your back office

3-  Our America Customer Service Team is reachable via:


        Telegram: +60102923391

4- Whatsapp


Our America Customer Service Team is available from Monday to Friday at Eastern Standard Time 10am to 6pm.


 A reminder that we are 3-4 weeks out from delivery due to global circumstances.


Talk soon,

Your Global Quantum Health Team

P.S. Did you see this interview with the Dr.? This interview is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!


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