Functions of the IteraCare Device

The 7 functions of iTeraCare:


(1) Identification

- Able to detect blockage, inflammation, and tumor within our body

- Pain, burning and tingling sensation will be felt on problematic areas

- According to Traditional Chinese Medicine: blockage will cause pain, no pain means no blockage

Principle : Tera Hertz frequency can penetrate the skin by 20-30cm. Thus, it is able to reach bone marrow. Blockage areas will be painful

(2) Eliminating Unhealthy Cells

- After using iTeraCare for a certain period, tumor will gradually shrink and disappear, the pain will gradually lift

Principle : Tera Hertz wave vibration is the same with our normal cells, abnormal or mutated cells will absorb much of the Tera Hertz energy and will be eliminated. It is recommended to consume warm water before using iTeraCare to help eliminate unhealthy cells

(3) Activation of Inert Cells

- After using iTeraCare, the body will feel more comfortable and energetic

Principle: Normal cells will absorb Tera Hertz energy and moderately increase in temperature and dormant cells will be activated.

- According to Ancient Greek Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, If there’s a way to heat the bones, then all diseases can be treated.

(4) Repairing of damage cells

- Using iTeraCare over areas of our body daily will help enhance regeneration of our cells.

Principle:Terahertz frequency has the same resonance with normal cells, It induces and strengthens the DNA organic molecules by enhancing self-repairing body cells

(5) Clear Lymphatic System

- Using iTeraCare on lymphatic areas will help to cleanse blood impurities and inner body, improve blood circulation , removing clots and soften our blood vessels

Principle: Tera Hertz wave dilates our blood vessels, reduces blood flow resistance and viscosity, improve blood circulation, and prevent diseases

(6) Clear Meridians

- Stimulate acupuncture points, improve Qi circulation, improve blood circulation, and increase metabolism rate

Principle: Tera Hertz frequency resonates with our normal cells, improve blood circulation, clear meridians and strengthen our body

(7) Remove body humidity

- Using iTeraCare on our body will clear unnecessary body moisture, balance our body acid and alkaline

Principle : Normal cells will slightly absorb Tera Hertz energy and increase temperature moderately to warm our body and unhealthy body moisture will be cleared.


Terahertz wave frequency lies between the microwave and infrared frequency within a wavelength range of 30 to 3000 microns.


When cells are irradiated by terahertz frequency, it rapidly transfers energy into the human body and activates inert cells. Scientific research shows that it is completely safe for human body cells absorption.


The principle treatment of iTeraCare is to unclog capillaries to enhance the body and cells to function healthily.