How to replace a device with your warranty


1- Print out your DO. Your Stocklist will be on your DO.

2-Contact the stocklist and tell stocklist you need to replace device.

3-Some stocklist will ask you to make a video of the broken part and email 

4-The stocklist will send you packing slip and new device

Connie from Utah has a form to fill out and send to Utah

Information Needed for Warranty Claim
If you are certain that you received your defective blower from the UTAH stockist, email the following information to
Email Address:
Mobile Phone #:
Shipping Address:
Which device is defective? Classic, Ion Shield, Premium, Pro
What is the serial #?
What is the associated delivery order #?
Describe the Defect
How long have you had the defective unit?
If you just received it, did it arrive broken?
If it arrived broken, was the box/package damaged also?
Send pictures showing the defect and or damages including the box if necessary. One of the pictures needs to show the serial number on the device. If the problem is on the plug end of the device, please send a video describing or illustrating the problem.