IteraCare Premium

Introducing the First Certified iTeraCare Device, the most ideal way of home Cell Therapy using Terahertz Quantum Light Wave Energy with self-healing power. Easy to use and is powerful to treat any kind of sickness and illnesses.
✅ A New, Breakthrough Treatment Providing Lasting Relief for Back Pain, Knee Pain, Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain, Joint Pain and more.
Our iTeraCare Physiotherapy Device is a Ground-Breaking Treatment for Your Pain‼️
iTeraCare therapy device is truly Effective and Amazing.
The results speaks for itself.
Get your own iTeraCare device now to improve your overall health and get a long term treatment.
An hour of therapy is equal to-
✅ 10 times ACUPUNCTURE
✅ 20 times of CUPPING
✅ 30 times of GUA SHA
✅ 40 times of MASSAGE
👉 Activate normal cells.
👉 Repair damaged cells.
👉 Recognizes and destroy abnormal cells.
👉 Detox lymphatic circulation rapidly.
👉 Stimulate better micro-circulation rapidly.
👉 Remove deep tissue coldness and dampness rapidly.
👉 Strengthen functioning of organs.
👉 Delay onset of aging symptoms.
iTeraCare Therapy Device is Certified, Renowned and Patented by China Academy of Science and Sinochem.
This device can be used on all persons including infants without contraindication.
iTeraCare Therapy Device wavelength can penetrate the skin between 20 to 30 cm, thus reaching the bone marrow, micro blood vessels and capillaries.
It enhances micro-circulation and eliminates body humidity.
✅ IDENTIFICATION FUNCTION: iTeraCare Therapy Device strengthens healthy cells, repairs damaged cells, simultaneously expelling liquefy unhealthy cells.
It clears block passage/ vessel and body detoxification.
iTeraCare Therapy Device regulates the body temperature and improving the immunity system by activating the weak and inactive cells.
✅ USER FRIENDLY: iTeraCare Therapy Device is easy to operate.
No professional skill or knowledge needed.
Just blow on an area where one feels uncomfortable.
iTeraCare Therapy Device is specifically used for external therapeutic and cell treatment.