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Integrates three top technologies - Terahertz, Quantum and Optical Quartz. Its component is cast with more than one hundred trace elements.

iTeraCare Therapy Device certification is stringently tested, inspected and certified by the China Beijing Academy of Sciences and National Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Certification and many other authoritative organizations.

 Terahertz resonates at the same frequency as normal human cells, generating millions of vibrations per second.

Terahertz wave frequency lies between the microwave and infrared frequency within a wavelength range of 30 to 3000 microns.



 When cells are irradiated by terahertz frequency, it rapidly transfers energy into the human body and activates inert cells. Scientific research shows that it is completely safe for human body cells absorption.



 The principle treatment of iTeraCare is to unclog capillaries to enhance the body and cells to function healthily.


 The Ten Health Benefits of "iTeraCare Device"


 removes unhealthy elements from the body

 removes toxins and harmful substances from the body

replenishes the body with healthy aura energy

unclogs vessels and stasis in the body

repairs damaged cells and tissues

regulates internal organs and boost our immune system

detects potential aliments by using the device's scanning function

body detoxification

 clears 8 meridians of the body

 unclogs main channels of the body






User Friendly

Benefits Of Using ITeraCare Device

 stiff shoulder, spondylosis, muscle strain, old legs

 reduces fatique, improves sleep

 reduces varicose veins, prevents blood stasis

 eczema, mosquito bites, itchiness and other skin problems

strengthens metabolism, improves microcirculation

 prostatitis, inflammation such as pre-mastitis

 gastrointestinal cold

 relieves all kinds of pain caused by muscle stiffness