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Heal with Terahertz Frequencies.

What is terahertz frequency healing?




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 What are The Benefits of Using the

iTeracare Terahertz Self Healing Device?


Repairs damaged cells and tissue.

Helps Body with Detoxification.

Removes the toxins and harmful substances from the body.

Removes unhealthy elements that are not natural to our body.

Regulate internal organs and the immune system.

Clears the eight extraordinary vessels of the body.

Passes through the twelve main channels of the body.

Unclogs vessels and stasis in the body.

Replenish the body with Yang Aura Energy.




Is TeraHertz Frequencies Safe?

The principle treatment of the iTeraCare Device is to unclog capillaries to enhance the body and cells to function healthily.

iTeraCare integrates 3 top technologies: TeraHertz, Quantum and Optical Quartz.

iTeraCare is stringently tested, inspected and certified by Sciences and National Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Certification and other authoritative organizations related to the device.


How Does TeraHertz Work?

How it Works

Terahertz frequency resonates at the same frequency as normal human cells, generating millions of vibrations per second.


Radiant Heat
Current is passed through a coiled, Nichrome element, creating both radiant and infrared heat.


Optical Quartz
As infrared waves pass through the optical grade, quartz tube, excited electrons begin to vibrate.


TeraHertz Technology
Significantly void of impurities, the optical quartz tubes vibration generates TeraHertz frequencies.


Convection Current
As TeraHertz frequencies are generated, convection currents force the radiant air from the fused, quartz tube.


Transdermal Delivery
When the wand is pointed towards the body, non-ionizing frequencies are delivered directly through the skin.


Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies. Albert Einstein

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