7 Wonders Personal Filtering Water Bottle!

What is the Best Gift You Can Give Your Self & Others?


Introducing........7 Wonders. Your Personal Filtration System for
On-the-Go or at Home!
What does this little water bottle do?
It optimizes your water.
1. Mineral water 2. Hydrogen water 3. Alkaline water 4. Antioxidant water 5. Small molecule water 6. Negative Ion Water 7. Energy water. 
Treat this water with the ITeraCare Device (classic, pro or premiere)  for optimal hydration into your body at the cellular level.
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If you have an account please watch video below on how to order.
If you do not please contact the person that introduced you or email info@globalquantumhealth.com

How to Order You 7 Wonders Water Bottle from Living Simply Rich on Vimeo.