Buyer Beware of Knock Offs



Knock Off><Itera Care

Watch the comparison video here.

Here's an actual picture of the knockoff on the left compared to the ITeracare.

These devices sure do look similar however they are not.

The knock off does not have a crystal tube that creates the terahertz.

Obviously the plug are different.

 It also  looks like the knock off is using a Terahertz Chip that you can Buy on Amazon for 10 for 10 dollars,

 Some people online are trying to peddle these as the real iTeraCare.

The real iTeraCare is patented, exhaustively tested and certified by the Beijing Institute of Science and Technolgy, manufactured exclusively by DeShang International, and exclusively marketed worldwide by Prife International. And here they are scanning the difference in water after using the knockoff for charging the water versus the iteracare.

Video of Knock Off Compared to the real Iteracare Want.


10Pcs Terahertz Energy Chip Concentrated Energy Microcirculation Chip Terahertz Wave Energy Chip Quantum Chip

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