How to Organize Your Daily & Orders

  • Get a Binder to place your important information about the ITeracare Device. People will be asking many questions and you will need easy access to the answers.
  • Get a clip board that opens up so that you can put your daily to dos in
  • Print out all DOs when customers order
  • When customers order use the DEPE method
  • Send out the first email and thank them for their purchase. Reminder to make sure they sign up for Global Quantum Health updates.
  • Follow up with your customer and in 2 weeks. You can do this with a text, email or better yet a direct mailer. Want an easy way to direct mail? Check out business tools section at Global Quantum Health
  • Make sure that you place all of your customers on an excel spread sheet after they order. The excel spreadsheet is at Global Quantum Health in the business section.
  • Make a list of people that you want to tell about this wonderful healing device using TeraHertz frequency, Optical Quartz and Quantum technology. We recommend starting with a list of 100.
  • Decide if you are going to use any social platforms for educating people online.